2020 Advanced Leadership Programme

Leadership is a challenging occupation which requires a growth mindset and resilience. The Timoney Leadership Institute Advanced Leadership Programme has been designed to train leaders to grow and develop to meet these challenges confidently and with a desire to learn.

Our programme will achieve this through insights and discussions with your peer leaders, facilitated by world-class professors from Harvard Business School, the IESE Business School, (ranked number one in the world in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 by the Financial Times for executive education) and several other leading business schools from across the world.

We have hosted our Advanced Leadership Programme annually since 2013, making the 2020 programme our 8th. Throughout this period we have developed and refined the ALP into a great training experience for leaders.

The 6 modules take place in 3 locations: K Club in Ireland, IESE Business School in Barcelona and San Telmo Business School in Seville in Spain. 

Preliminary expression of interest for the 2020 ALP can be completed here. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information regarding the 2020 programme.

The dates of the 2020 Advanced Leadership Programme are as follows: 

Module 1: Tuesday 21st - Wednesday 22nd January - K Club

Module 2: Monday 24th - Tuesday 25th February - IESE Business School, Barcelona

Module 3: Tuesday 24th - Wednesday 25th March- K Club

Module 4: Tuesday 21st - Wednesday 22nd April - K Club

Module 5: Tuesday 19th - Thursday 21st May - San Telmo, Seville

Module 6: Thursday 18th - Friday 19th June- K Club


Our training in Leadership is based on a combination of interactive case study discussions and lectures. Key topics that have a direct impact on the day-to-day running of your organisation will be explored and teased out. This will enhance your capacity to assess, evaluate, manage and solve issues that arise in your role as a leader. You will experience leading-edge thinking and discuss proven strategies and tactics for building a sustainable and healthy organisation.

By joining the Alumni Association upon completion of the Advanced Leadership Programme, you can avail of the many opportunities to continue exploring other dimensions of leadership through masterclasses and additional training modules.

Below we outline the key topics covered on the programme.

Transforming leaders

  • Reflect on leadership values and style: keys to enhanced commitment
  • Looking in the leadership mirror to understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Honing the art of crucial conversations within the organisation

Improving performance

  • Achieving breakthrough service in the eyes of the customer
  • Winning the hearts and minds of customers
  • Exploring how the best in the world do radical innovation in traditional industries
  • Acquiring new concepts and tools to improve management control
  • Improving decision-making and effective delegation

Developing people

  • Building and motivating winning teams that deliver real value
  • Identifying and winning the loyalty of talented employees
  • Uncovering how you as a leader can teach those you lead

Download application form or fill in the online version here.

Next Steps

1. Call us now for an initial conversation to assess your needs

2. Complete the online application process

3. Meet with one of our Programme Directors

4. Sign up and pay your €1,000 deposit

5. Put the dates in your diary.

The programme fee includes:

- Lectures and training for 6 modules

- All course materials from faculty and mentoring from faculty

- Executive Coaching - 3 sessions

- Personality Assessment and debriefing

- Access to our online platform and alumni directory

- Accommodation in K Club, Barcelona & Seville - 9 nights in total

- Meals & hospitality throughout the programme

The fee for 2020 is €16,850

It can be treated as a training expense for tax purposes

Full fee is payable by 31 December 2019. If necessary please discuss with us a staged payment plan. 

  • “It suits people in businesses that are making decisions. You come with your pre-defined views - you may not leave with those… It’s not just one person at the top of the class changing that for you, it’s 35 people in the room, all moulding and forming those opinions for you.”

    Sean Murphy, Encirc

    Financial Director

  • "Leading other people depends on personal qualities" Dr Alberto Ribera, IESE Business School and lecturer on the Timoney Advanced Leadership Programme shares some insights into the importance of self knowledge, self awareness and character development for leaders

    Alberto Ribera on Self-Leadership, IESE Business School

    Senior Lecturer of Managing People in Organisations

  • “The Harvard style model of learning is fantastic. Traditionally when you go into meetings and work with people on action, it’s all about what’s the answer to the problem, but here it’s about what’s the question… I’ve learnt an awful lot and I’d highly recommend it.”

    Colette Cowan, University of Limerick Hospitals Group

    Group CEO