Timoney Executive Coaching

We are firm believers in the ability of leaders to transform their leadership through building on the personal strengths of one's character and personality. Thereby developing virtues (good habitual behaviours) which improve performance and bring out the best in those working with you.

To help each participant achieve the most from the intensive learning opportunities which the ALP provides, we provide each person with an Executive Coach who will help you to apply the learnings and insights to improve your role as a leader.

Each participant also has the opportunity to avail of the B5 personality assessment and the F60 cognitive ability test, so as to better understand how your personality and abilities match the role and challenge facing you, so you can perform effectively in your role.

The Timoney Executive Coaches are lead by Alan McFarlane, an experienced international coach, who is part of the Coaching Unit of IESE Business School, which is guiding Timoney on the delivery of this service. 

Alan McFarlane

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