It has been probably one of the best things I've ever done. This is what I need to be a better manager, to focus more on people, and to help move the business forward. So for me it's given me the opportunity to stop, reflect and come up with a plan for the future.

Michelle Vance, Lily O' Brien's

Finance Director

I think the course has challenged my thinking in a few ways. One of the most obvious ones is I've learned a lot. Areas like corporate governance and digital marketing, these are spaces I've never worked in. Just even the pure learning and immersion in those topics was very valuable.

Michael Murphy, Boston Scientific Galway

Director of Site Services

I think anyone can gain from an experience like this particularly is they're getting into more general management

David Beattie, Cross Project Finance Ltd


The whole culture of the group is that we're not competing. We're actually all here to grow, to learn, to engage.

Helen McGardle, SRI Executive

Managing Director

I'm not the first person to put my hand up and say I'm not the most academic, so the style of this course was set perfectly for my learning style, so I suppose that's one of the things I appreciated most out of it...it's been tremendous.

Glenn Robinson, Tobermore Concrete Ltd

General Manager

"The Alumni Association is fabulous. Obviously you have the social events, but more importantly it gives the opportunity to come back for a couple of days a year to re-engage with the programme so that the learning keeps happening."

Celine Maguire, The Queally Group

Group HR Manager

First of all, I've been absolutely stunned by the quality of the professors here. The quality of engagement and the kind of seminars, that I wish I'd been able to deliver myself when I was an academic before I moved into leadership roles. It has been absolutely stunning, and that's one of the real strengths of this course.

Pól Ó Dochartaigh, NUI Galway

Deputy President

I'm looking at things through a different lens. So maybe a little more patient, more considerate, taking a more broader view of situations that arrive on a day to day basis.

Colin Feely, Grant Thornton


I think in terms of being a company leader point of view, it gives you an opportunity to look in at yourself. I think it's a good exercise for anybody to do. Ireland didn't have anything like this and doesn't have anything like this. As leaders, we have a responsibility to better ourselves and our companies and our society.

Simon Bullivant, Taranto Ltd.

Managing Director

There is something very powerful about getting the chance to reflect, that I can shape, I can see the things I'm doing well and I can reflect on the things that I'm doing less well. Those have been some of the direct deliverables, that period of reflection the programme has given to me, has been invaluable.

Louise Warde Hunter, Northern Ireland Civil Service

Deputy Secretary

The quality of the professors and how they deliver the message and manage the room and draw people out and integrate everyone is super. This is a group that no matter what business you're in or what age you are everybody is equal. Where else would you be sitting in a room beside a CEO here and Managing Director there.

John Carey, U-First Coaching & Development

Managing Director

I've had a university education, I've gone to the Law Society, I've gone to courses everywhere, but nothing compares to what I've learned here over the last 5 months. Before I've actually finished this course I've implemented changes, so you can't back track from that.

Brian Lynch, Brian Lynch & Associates


Leading other people depends on personal qualities. Qualities like empathy, persuasion, social skills. As a psychiatrist I can see topics like your capacity of stress management, coping with pressure. This is perhaps one of the critical qualities of a leader. And the more you advance in your career the relevant and important it becomes.

Dr. Alberto Ribera, IESE Coaching Unit

Academic Director

The professors facilitating this challenge you, get you involved. The facilitated site sessions before you go into the session with the professors really get you thinking outside the box. And you're hearing different voices and different ideas. Different ideas regarding how you'd approach things. So you're going into an environment where it's not black and white.

Helen Downes, Shannon Chamber

Chief Executive

Leadership is very important in an organisation... and the way I describe it is a leader is like being the driver on the bus. Your job is to actually figure out where is it we want to go and make sure everyone wants to go the same direction and ensuring that everyone is happy along the journey.

Edmund Harty, Dairymaster

Guest Speaker 2017

I see this Timoney course as something to sharpen the axe, to refine the things that you're doing, to stop and look at how you're running your business, the challenges that you have and improve how you're doing things. This course is anything but academic. Yes, we're in a classroom, but it's entirely practical things that we can go back tomorrow and put into action in our business.

Martin Tierney, Seating Matters


One of the big things is, it's not an American course or American-ised. We tend to look at these things online and get bits out of it, but it can maybe be tilted towards a different country or a different environment. I thought this was very much an Irish course. You're interacting with people that are running businesses, heading up businesses in Ireland, coming across the same problems that you have every day... They're giving their spin on how they resolve problems so there's lots of stuff to take back.

Karl Daly, Metis Ireland

Co-Founder & Director

Sometimes we all get absorbed with managing client relationships and managing teams and not having a vision for the longer term, and that's what this course gives you.

Jonathan Dalton, Key Capital

Head of Corporate Finance

It's a big hassle to take time off with a very busy operating list, but where there's a will there's a way. It's very important that you learn new skills. Definitely, I've learned stuff from different industries and I'll get it into my practice and into my startup.

Prof. Sherif Sultan, President of the International Society for Vascular Surgery

Professor of Vascular Surgery at NUI Galway

“We had Breege O’Donoghue, Director of Primark, we’ve had the Chairman of AIG, British Airways and Aer Lingus, we’ve had the CEO of Telefonica, the head of Connacht Gold. How else would you ever get face-to-face time with people of this calibre and at that level of business except on a course like this?”

Declan Dooley, Galway Independent

Managing Director

“This programme transforms how you think about your business, the ideas you have about your business and how you manage people within the business. And altogether, Timoney brings the idea that you have permission to have a big idea, and a big idea is good for business.”

Brian McGurk, Brandcreate


“I know we refer to it as a course, but actually it’s much more than a course… I’ve seen things through the cases that I now need to apply to myself but also to my own business. And it’s kind of developed me as a person not just as a business.”

Kay McCarthy, MCCP The Planning Agency

Founder and Managing Director

“Timoney has been transformative in growing our team, in making decisions as to what to do with our limited resources and limited amount of time, and it has maximised success for us so far.”

Peter Flanagan, Flanagan Kerins

General Manager

“The Harvard style model of learning is fantastic. Traditionally when you go into meetings and work with people on action, it’s all about what’s the answer to the problem, but here it’s about what’s the question… I’ve learnt an awful lot and I’d highly recommend it.”

Colette Cowan, University of Limerick Hospitals Group

Group CEO

“We really are spoilt both in terms of the surroundings, the hospitality, how well we’re looked after, the organisation and the content. And the destination… Seville is really the icing on the cake, and the bonding you experience on that particular trip, to me was outstanding.”

David Ryan, Flynn O’Driscoll Business Law Firm


“I found the experience life-changing, both in terms of the competencies that I’ve been able to learn through the course, but, because of the time that it has come about in my life and my career, it has given me an opportunity to tackle a new role in a really different way.”

Denis McMahon, Department for Communities, Northern Ireland

Deputy Secretary for Social Inclusion

“What Timoney did for me was actually give me the confidence that what I was doing, was right. The case study brings it all into focus as to why you do things that way, and that made me a better leader because I became more confident in what I was doing.”

Aidan Wilson, Fred C Robinson Ltd


“It had been quite a while since I had done anything in the educational space, so when [Timoney] came on the horizon, it made sense for me because it wasn’t a huge time commitment and there wasn’t a huge amount of work to be done outside of the course.”

Ronan Morris, Web Together

Managing Director

“The quality of the lecturers brought in from all over the world, the insights that they bring with them, the standard of catering and after-dinner speakers and everything about it is quality from top to bottom.”

John Osborne, HRI Racecourses Ltd


Help in changing the culture of an organisation

Fiona McCandless, Department of Infrastructure

Chief Planner/Deputy Secretary

“It taught me how to think differently, how to address certain issues, and gives you confidence in dealing with some difficult decisions.”

Patrick Jordan, Atlantic Aviation Group


“Trust me that this will not be a waste of your money or your time… If you haven’t time to come and invest in yourself, then you really aren’t on top of your job.”

Seamus McKeague, Creagh Concrete

Managing Director

“It suits people in businesses that are making decisions. You come with your pre-defined views - you may not leave with those… It’s not just one person at the top of the class changing that for you, it’s 35 people in the room, all moulding and forming those opinions for you.”

Sean Murphy, Encirc

Financial Director

“What I learned from Timoney specifically, was that I, as the co-founder and my colleague, had to really step back a little bit and to strategize and look at the big picture.”

Padraig Brady, Obelisk Group


"The Timoney Advanced Leadership Programme has had a profound impact on me. The core of the programme – focused learning sessions based on real-life challenges – was excellent. But what really brought everything to life for me was the opportunity to discuss these challenges with a group of peers who had vastly differing personalities, perspectives and industry experiences. I learnt a huge amount over the course of the programme – much of it from my fellow attendees. I am so grateful to them for sharing so openly, and to the Timoney Leadership Institute for creating the circumstances where this was possible – I know if I apply only 10% of what I have learnt it will make a significant difference to our business."

Neil McKeown, Neueda

Head of Consulting

Like a masterchef, the Timoney ALP effortlessly combines the ingredients of content, faculty and executive participation to deliver a programme so relevant in today's uncertain world: an urgent reminder that business and civic society requires engaged and ethical leaders as never before

Michael Collins, LacPatrick Dairies


The various modules delivered through the Timoney Leadership Institute generated new and innovative ideas to combat the issues which face us all in the modern business world, an exceptional and valuable experience delivered by world class professionals.

Martin Maher, SIAC Construction


Being a part of the Timoney alumni family has not only given me a continuation of the business learnings from the ALP but as importantly, a network of lifelong friendships that only happened through embracing the alumni ethos

Ken Hood, Atlantic Bitumen

Sales & Marketing Director

I know from my experience in Nestlé that continuous learning is essential for leaders who are committed to sustaining and growing their business

José Lopez, Nestlé

Former Head of Global Operations

"I am a firm subscriber to the concept of continual learning and on this course you meet a network of peers that you can speak with in confidence that makes this a shared experience which I think is hugely beneficial."

Gabriel D’Arcy, LacPatrick Dairies Ltd