Four reasons why you should consider participating in the Advanced Leadership Programme:

  • Learn and improve your leadership skills

Every leader needs to continue to develop and improve their style of leading, communicating, decision-making, and delegating. This programme trains you to develop these skills.

  • Grow your strategic mindset by training with the best

Our world-class faculty and successful leaders in industry will challenge you through highly interactive sessions and extensive use of the case study method championed by Harvard Business School. You will improve how you carry our your work as a leader, gaining a better grasp of people management, finance, marketing, competitive strategy, innovation and governance. 

  • Join a valuable network of leaders

Join a vibrant and growing network of leaders from across Ireland and the UK and get access to valuable business connections through our academic partners.

  • Excellent investment of resources and time

This intensive programme takes place mainly in Ireland, exposing you to world-class faculty for short, focussed and practical sessions without requiring long absences from your work and family, or significant budget outlays.

  • “This programme transforms how you think about your business, the ideas you have about your business and how you manage people within the business. And altogether, Timoney brings the idea that you have permission to have a big idea, and a big idea is good for business.”

    Brian McGurk, Brandcreate