Training Format

Training Format

The programme is designed to fit the demanding schedule and busy lifestyles of leaders. It is delivered over five months, in two-day modules. Four of these modules take place in Ireland in the K Club, County Kildare. The May module takes place over three days on the campus of our academic partner, the San Telmo International Institute in Seville.

Before each Module

You will be provided with case study readings one month in advance of each module which will cover key strategic areas of your vocation as a leader in your organisation. You will be expected to read them in advance, form an opinion on the leadership issues raised and prepare your contribution to share and discuss in class. 

During the Module

You will find each module an intense but very worthwhile training experience. Each module involves workgroups with fellow participants and sessions with our faculty exploring leadership skills across a range of key areas core to your role as a leader. You will be expected to engage in the discussion so as to improve your own skills of planning, analysis, making decision and communication. A formal dinner with guest speaker takes place on the first evening, which is an excellent opportunity to continue the learning outside of the classroom setting.

After the Modules

You will have an opportunity to apply some of the learnings and tools which you have identified, perhaps with a colleague from your organisation, with a view to returning to the next module to share your experience with others. We also can provide you with an executive coach to assist you in applying your new skills to specific areas you are currently working on in your role as a leader. 

  • “The Harvard style model of learning is fantastic. Traditionally when you go into meetings and work with people on action, it’s all about what’s the answer to the problem, but here it’s about what’s the question… I’ve learnt an awful lot and I’d highly recommend it.”

    Colette Cowan, University of Limerick Hospitals Group

    Group CEO