Decision Making in Uncertain Times - November 2019

Sunday, 3rd November 2019, 3:00 PM

IESE Business School, Barcelona

Alumni Module 

Join peer leaders for a timely workshop at IESE Business School in Barcelona this November. Ranked number 1 in executive education by the Financial Times, IESE is one of the premier business schools internationally. As an Associate School, Timoney Leadership Institute is delighted to offer this opportunity to alumni and leaders continue your leadership learning.

This 3 day workshop on November 3th - 5th will focus on a key challenge facing leaders today - improving your decision making in times that are challenging and turbulent.  

The theme for this IESE experience will focus the skills, tools and mindset needed in leadership roles to make the best decisions, given the limited time and resources available to us.  

We will be joined by Professors Nuria Mas, Ines Alegre, Thomas Klueter, Ricardo Calleja and Alberto Ribera. 

Take a look at the comprehensive details about the trip in our brochure. 

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IESE Business School, Barcelona