Innovating in Challenging Circumstances

Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 11:00 AM



We will be welcoming back Rory McDonald, Associate Professor of Business Administration from Harvard Business School, Boston on Wed 24 March. At this alumni masterclass, he will facilitate a case study discussion on how Parrot Drones has navigated the nascent European drone market and dealt with the challenges they faced from Chinese competition. Looking forward to an insightful session teasing out ways to respond to the current challenging market conditions.

The schedule for this session is:

11 am:         Informal "Meet & Greet" online in small groups

11.15 am     Breakout Discussion on the Parrot Case Study

12.00 pm     Group discussion with Prof Rory McDonald

13.30 pm     Finish

In his work as an advisor, researcher and educator, Harvard Business School Professor and disruptive innovation expert Rory McDonald develops and teaches strategies for dealing with both anticipated and unexpected market shifts. His presentations and courses on innovation, business strategy and the implications of futurism are widely praised for their energy, passion and insight.

McDonald’s frameworks for generating new ideas show business leaders how to target new consumers and markets rather than incrementally improve upon existing offerings. Drawing on the revolutionary “Jobs to be Done” theory developed by his mentor, Clayton Christensen, McDonald studies, maps and forecasts the growth and applicability of new business practices and emerging technologies. When it comes to dealing with new competitors and markets, his approach is preemptive and proactive.