Designing the Future of Work, Prof Valeria Fratocchi

Wednesday, 24th February 2021, 11:00 AM



Join us for a captivating masterclass on designing the future of work with Professor of Human Behaviour in Organisations at IEEM Business School , Valeria Fratocchi

In this session, Professor Fratocchi will fuel a discussion on current alternatives to reshape the balance between individual wellbeing and organizational productivity.

She will focus on the long term perspective which articulates the complexities of a strategic view on work ́s purpose while also examining the key skills and practicalities of a hybrid scheme of work that alternates between the work office and home office.

Prof Fratocchi will encourage leaders to develop a proposal that will not only help to overcome the traumatic challenges of 2020, but also provide you with the tools to help you build on your organisation’s strengths from the lessons learnt during the pandemic.

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