Getting Things Done: The Truth about Power & Politics in Organisations

Wednesday, 15th December 2021, 9:00 AM

Kilkea Castle, Co Kildare

Alumni Module Masterclass 

Joining us on December 15, IESE Head of Managing People in Organisations Department Sebastien Brion will lead a discussion on “Getting Things Done: The Truth about Power & Politics in Organisations”

In this session, Prof Brion will help you to develop a positive mindset about power: Power can often be seen in a negative light and is therefore a topic frequently avoided by leaders. Nevertheless, power is a dominant force for change in corporations and society, and acknowledging and utilizing power is critical to success. While power does have a 'dark side', we will see that power can be wielded with integrity and respect for others.

Prof Brion will also provide you with a framework to help you understand how power is developed and employed in organisations. For leaders, unhealthy dynamics that result from having power can lead to ineffective decision-making, including hierarchy-induced miscommunication, a reluctance to empower others, and biased leadership selection.

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Kilkea Castle, Co Kildare