Raising your Leadership Game, Prof Arthur Brooks

Wednesday, 15th June 2022, 9:00 AM

Kilkea Castle Co Kildare

Alumni Masterclass 

Joining us on June 15, Harvard Kennedy School Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership, Arthur Brooks, will lead a discussion on “Raising your Leadership Game”

Today’s leadership requires an understanding of human happiness. It affects the success and career endurance of a leader, and her or his ability to lead others effectively. This masterclass introduces leaders to the exploding science of well-being, with three goals:

1. Understand the basic definitions and measures of human happiness.

2. Learn practical strategies to raise one’s own happiness.

3. See how leadership contributes to happiness in a way that is mutually beneficial to leaders and followers.

Modern leaders in business, government, and non-governmental organisations are in the business of persuasion. They want people to think and act in a particular way, whether that means buying a product, supporting a cause, or obeying a law.

A lot has been written and taught about persuasive communication. This masterclass focuses on two dimensions: effectiveness and ethics. Relying on the latest research from psychologist Robert Cialdini and others, you will learn the principles of effective persuasion and the rules of ethical persuasion.

This Masterclass also includes an evening dinner and guest speaker the night before, Tue June 14th. Our guest speaker is Paul Connolly, CEO of Marine Institute. Michael will be joining us for dinner and sharing leadership insights he has gained in facing challenging personal and professional issues over the past few years since he took up the role.

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Kilkea Castle Co Kildare