Leading to a New Normal

Monday, 23rd November 2020, 8:24 PM

Alumni Module Custom Programme 

The new normal we are all grappling with is still filled with uncertainty. You are likely having your leadership tested, maybe sorely tested. Surprisingly, testing times are the best time to work on growing and strengthening your leadership skills even further. In Timoney, we have been teasing out with several alumni how best to help each of you take full advantage of the opportunities now arising.

Are you asking yourself some questions at the moment?

"What can I do to strengthen my leadership now?”

"What specific aspects of my leadership role can I improve in the next 6 months?

"How will I strengthen my leadership team to work even better in the new normal?”

We believe that participating in this programme with your fellow alumni will help you discover the answers and make changes.

Through a combination of discussions with world-class faculty from IESE Business School and practical action planning with an Executive Coach as your guide, you will navigate a sound course through the uncertain waters of the year ahead.

Learning through a crisis is a golden opportunity! By conducting this Timoney alumni programme virtually we are ensuring you can safely start and complete it with alumni peer leaders, insightful faculty and a Timoney Executive Coach.

A key advantage of this programme is harnessing a world-class self-reflective assessment programme (B5-PLUS and F60) which we use in Timoney. It is based on the Big 5 Factors, which are the gold standard in personality profiling today and helps you establish your personal preferences combined with your capacity for dealing with complexity. Our coaches will then help you understand how these relate to your leadership role in the new normal. You will work with your Executive coach on developing a practical Leadership Action Plan that will guide you in not just surviving the year ahead, but thriving as a leader and as a team. 

This virtual programme directed by Academic Director Professor Alberto Ribera will benefit Alumni by focusing on positive leadership, the power of self-awareness and self-knowledge to turn crisis situations into opportunities for growth in resilience and learning.  Prof Ribera will focus on Resilience and self-leadership in uncertain times.

In his session, Conor Neill, Lecturer of Managing People in Organisations in IESE who will discuss: Leading and communicating authentically.  An interactive work session with participants on what and how leaders can best communicate in very uncertain times to lead effectively and persuasively. Improving communications through self-knowledge, commitment to serve, openness to being vulnerable, seeking clarity of purpose and a willingness to change to communicate better.

Professor Anneloes RaesIESE's Associate Professor of Managing People in Organisations will lead a discussion on "Leading teams through challenges in uncertain times"  helping Alumni to reflect on current challenges in managing their teams. This session will share relevant knowledge and ideas for improving team dynamics that can be further deepened and ´customised´ in subsequent coaching sessions afterwards.

You will be supported thought out the six months with the following tools:

  • Self-Reflective Personality Assessment (B5-PLUS and F60) with a comprehensive debrief, led by coaches from the Timoney Coaching Panel
  • Job Analysis Assessment for each participant, to help them identify how best to adapt their leadership role for the year ahead. 
  • 4 Executive Coaching sessions with a member of the Timoney Coaching Panel to help you set and meet realisable stretch goals
  • Support in crafting a Leadership Action Plan for the following 5 months 
  • You will keep a 'Red Thread Log' in which, after every session, you will enter your key insights to feed into the creation of your personal development plan.

Programme Details 

30th September -Introductory session, overview and introductions

Session 1: Oct 7th - Prof Alberto Ribera, Self Leadership

  • B5 Assessment w/c Oct 5th – Online by each participant
  • Job Analysis w/c Oct 12th – Offline by each participant
  • Coaching 1 (debrief) w/c Oct 19th – Individual virtual debriefing session with Coach

Session 2: October 28th 

Conor Neill, Leading & Communicating authentically.

Session 3:  November 11th

 Prof Anneloes Raes, Leading teams through challenges in uncertain times.

  • Action Plan preparation w/c Nov 16th – Offline by each participant
  • Coaching 2 w/c Nov 16th Virtual session with Coach (Action Plan)

Closing session w/c Nov 23 – Guest speaker on Leading through uncertain times.

  • Coaching 3 w/c January 5th – Virtual session with Coach to review progress
  • Participants work on Action Plan for 3 months
  • Coaching 4 w/c March 1st – Virtual session with Coach to review progress 
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